One of the greatest benefits of Expectancy is our ability to tailor what we do best to fit what your organization needs most: Expectancy provides small and mid-size organizations with a turnkey solution to manage and develop talent in one easy to use platform.


Onboarding sets the tone for new people coming into your organization. Expectancy’s onboarding capabilities prepare them to succeed in their new role and ensures consistency and compliance every time whether you use our suggested structure or your own.

You can use our standard approach or customize it to fit your unique culture. 


Learning and Development

Opportunities to learn and grow are important to top performers. Expectancy provides access to learning anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Regardless of whether it is a custom learning path, a structured training program, or exploring our extensive standard course catalog, Expectancy tracks progress, measures results, and can even recommend other learning opportunities based on development needs and performance feedback.

Learning and Development


Change is inevitable. Whether a key individual moves on to another opportunity or a long time member of the team announces their retirement, you need to be able to transition someone into a new role without skipping a beat.

Expectancy gives you all the tools you need to capture the native knowledge of your subject matter experts making it visible to everyone in the organization and can help you identify those who are most ready to step into that role.

Performance Management

Ongoing coaching and feedback and development conversations are replacing annual performance reviews. Properly formalizing these important conversations is where Expectancy makes the transition simple.

Our performance management capabilities can help you with competency models for popular job roles and helps you define what good performance looks like. This takes the guess work out of coaching and feedback and ensures consistency across your teams.

If you’d like to learn more about what Expectancy can do for you,
click the button to request a quote and one of our team members will be happy to start a conversation about what you need. Moving into the next stage of growth can be scary, but with Expectancy it doesn’t have to be.

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