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What To Look For In Your Next Training and Development Partnership

When evaluating what training and development platform to implement in your organization, it is important to think about what kind of people you want to work with. New clients often tell us about the past frustrations they have had implementing training and development platforms. They tell us about their difficulties communicating with the developers and the lack of support after initial implementation. Next time you are evaluating what training and development platform to implement for your organization, think about what kind of people you want to build a partnership with, and what level of support you expect. Below, we describe what qualities you should look for in a team when considering a partnership.

Relationship-Driven Training

When looking for your next training and development platform, you should look for a company that not only wants to sell you their solution, but who takes the time to consult with you on your talent development goals. You should search for a company with integrity, who is upfront about functionalities, support, and costs of the platform. Often times there is a lack of support from the software provider after a deal has been made. Organizations waste valuable time training their own staff to administer the platform. To save time and ease the implementation process, search for a company that will offer their own skilled support to help in administration. A company like the one described above is one that is looking for long-term relationships and wants to commit to your organization’s success.


You should look for a software provider that values personalization. You shouldn’t settle to be treated as “just another client.” Your organization has its own unique goals and needs that should be recognized. To maximize success of your next training and development platform, find a company that is willing to customize the platform to the needs of your organization. Training and development platforms shouldn’t be one size fits all. (link to old blog post)

Continuous Improvement

Look for a training and development company that prioritizes continuous improvement. Are they staying on top of latest learning trends? Are they prioritizing user research? You don’t want to partner with an egotistic team. There is always room for improvement.

Training and Development Background

Look into the background of the software company. How long have they been in the training and development industry? How do they differentiate from other SaaS companies out there? We recommend that you look for a company that has a substantial background in learning and performance management.

Work Is Their Own

Look for a company that doesn’t outsource their work. You want to know who’s working on your project. This minimizes the risk of anyone misinterpreting your goals and expectations for the platform.

Expectancy Learning is a training and development software company looking to build long-lasting relationships with clients big and small. At Expectancy Learning, we understand that your organization’s needs and goals are unique. We offer customization to make sure you get the most out of your investment. Constantly discovering areas for improvement, we aim to deliver the very best platform on the market. Our talented team has its roots in learning and performance management, which has helped us validate the need for a platform like Expectancy Learning. We are proud of the work we do and never outsource.

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