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Training and Development – Filling the Content Gap

Imagine yourself in the shoes of a frustrated sales leader. You’ve just finished reviewing your team’s results from the latest quarter, and with a hefty sigh, you acknowledge that they are underperforming. This is disheartening, considering that in the last year, you have invested a lot of time, money and effort into developing what you thought was a comprehensive training program for your team. You meet with a training and development professional to talk about rolling out another training course. It’s obvious that your team is going to need one to improve their numbers, right? It is important to dig deeper than your initial assumptions, define skills and competencies for the role, and assess if your programs have a content gap.

Dig Deeper Than Your Assumptions

The scenario above is very common. Instead of jumping to conclusions about rolling out version two of your sales training, you might want to take a step back to rethink your training and development approach altogether.

Define Skills and Competencies

Start by asking yourself, what skills or competencies are essential for success in the role?  If you can’t identify them right off the bat, you might want to look to your top performers. What makes them an all-star? Once you define the competencies that are essential for the role, these should be made transparent to current as well as potential employees. They should be the core of your training and development program!

Fill Any Training and Development Content Gaps

Next, you should ask yourself if you have the right training and development materials around each competency. If not, you have a content gap that must be filled! It is essential that you have a set of learning materials prepared to develop each competency viewed as crucial to the role.

Coming from performance management and organizational development backgrounds, professionals at Expectancy Learning bring clarity to program planning. Let us help you make your next training and development program better align with employee needs to experience actionable results!

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