Talent Challenges Facing Small Business Owners Today

In today’s employment landscape, talented individuals have plenty of options when it comes to their employers. Naturally, many are looking for employment experiences that line up best with their goals and motivations. Prior to accepting a new position, they are likely asking themselves:

  • How will this job help me continue to learn and develop as a professional?
  • Are there people in the organization willing to invest their time in coaching and mentoring me?
  • What’s the culture like?
  • How will this job help me to reach my career goals?

As a small business owner, the responsibilities associated with checking these boxes (and many more) for quality talent fall heavily on your shoulders. Not only do owners need to be prepared to have answers, they also need to understand that the success of the business is dependent on their ability to execute in all these areas. Below are three common challenges facing small business owners today when it comes to creating an environment to attract quality talent.

You’re only one person

Everyone wants your attention, approval, and feedback. Between meetings, coaching sessions, and managing your own workload, finding the time to sit down with every employee is difficult. However, giving consistent feedback is essential to employee development and maintaining a culture of continuous learning.

You are responsible for maintaining a safe workplace environment

Educating on various topics like sexual harassment, safety, and discrimination takes time.  And not doing so can result in risk and an undesirable work environment which can be costly. Providing employees with safety and compliance training not only lowers the risk of an issue occurring, it protects your organization if one does.

Every employee needs a development plan and learning tools

Most top performers crave new learning opportunities. If your best employees don’t feel like they’re growing, you are running the risk of losing them. However, creating individual development plans and gauging employee progress against them is no easy chore.

No matter how good you are at wearing multiple hats, creating an attractive work environment for talented people is time-consuming and necessary.  Investing in tools that can help with this will absolutely pay dividends when it comes to hiring and retaining talent. If you’d like more information on how Expectancy can help your organization, or you’d like to see a comprehensive list of the courses we offer, contact us.

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