So… You’re In the Market for New HR Software, Huh?

As 2017 comes to a close, many HR and business leaders are already looking ahead to the challenges and opportunities of 2018.  Fueled by more ambitious goals and with new budgets in hand, you are again being asked to get even more performance out of the talent you have.  For many this means it is time to explore new HR software and platforms for managing and developing your talent.

TMS, HRIS, HCM, LMS are some of the many acronyms that are swirling in your mind, and with literally hundreds (if not thousands) to choose from, the evaluation process can be confusing, and yes… frustrating.  But before you take to your Google searches to find the next best thing, take a few minutes and think about why you are looking in the first place and what you really want and need out of your investment.

Better or Different?

I know, I know… you likely want both!  The question is, what does that mean in your case?  For those that will be migrating from an existing platform, or attempting to consolidate 2 or 3 of them, it may be difficult to take a step back and completely rethink what you need moving forward.  You may find that you compare any new solutions to what is currently in place and will likely end up with minor or incremental gains that won’t significantly move the needle.  I recommend that you start with a clean slate to think about what changes you need to make in your processes, how you are going to use data, etc., and then determine what you need in a software platform to support it.

Taking the Plunge

For many small and mid-size companies, you may be looking to implement your first solution.  There are thousands of “How to buy” or “Things to consider when buying” articles that will try to tell you what you need from a software platform, but only you truly know what you are trying to achieve.  Avoid the “that is more than we need right now” mindset when evaluating your first software platform.  I get it, you might not use all of the available functionality immediately, but a truly good talent management software platform will connect the data and information for onboarding, training, performance management, development planning, etc. so it is there when you do start using it.  Any software platform that sells you “modules” for each aren’t truly integrated and are simply hiding the true cost of their solution.

Is the Pain Worth the Gain?

Purchasing a new software platform that promises more functionality, a better user experience, more data, better reporting, etc. is exciting… but the implementation process can turn that excitement into buyer’s remorse quickly.  Don’t just evaluate the pretty demo of the software, evaluate the implementation process, customer support, and ask about other services you would benefit from like administration.  A good solution provider won’t just sell you a platform and run, or pass you off to another organization to implement.  They will partner with you to make sure that your implementation process is as smooth as it can be and that you will get the value you expect from your purchase.  This isn’t a unicorn.  It is rare, but it does exist.

Hopefully this provided some valuable perspective as you begin your 2018 buying process.  In the event that you may want or need more information, keep Expectancy Learning in mind.  We were born from a talent management and development background and are changing how organizations hire, manage, measure, and develop talent. Contact Us

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