Performance Management 2.0


Through the process of performance management, companies are able to effectively plan, oversee performance, develop employees, and give vital feedback. So why are virtually all performance management software solutions designed to help make compensation decisions? Instead of being used to reward successful contributors, shouldn’t your performance management system turn all employees into successful contributors?

To get different results, companies need to perform differently, which means the way performance is managed also needs to change.

How are companies evolving performance management?

  • Annual reviews are giving way to frequent touch points with continuous feedback that is easily collected.
  • Leaders are transitioning from evaluating performance to a focus on coaching and feedback.
  • Traditional learning programs are being left behind in favor of self-directed, on-demand and dynamic learning.
  • Separate talent management systems are evolving to an integrated-mobile platform with a focus on data/analytics.

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Why are these changes so difficult? Because there’s never been a platform to support the new approach to performance management. That is until we developed Expectancy Learning.

Leaders and employees benefit from continuous feedback, which is the foundation for modern talent development. Expectancy recognized that this style of performance management could no longer be supported by traditional, time-consuming, paper-based methods, or by software designed for annual compensation decisions. This is why we developed a cloud-based system to effectively organize and manage continuous development conversations between employees and their leaders. Our customizable assessments drive development in needed skills and competencies for each specific job role that lead to performance. Then, Expectancy recommends learning opportunities to support their ongoing development. In order to effectively do this, Expectancy allows both leaders and employees access to feedback and learning anywhere, anytime, on any device via our cloud-based platform.

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Stay Tuned: Our next post will be discussing planning development and tracking.



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