Performance Development Solutions for Small Businesses

The need to attract and retain top talent and get the most out of every employee is similar for all organizations. This is especially true for small businesses. With fewer employees and more limited budgets than larger competitors have for talent, it’s difficult to provide employees with the resources and learning opportunities they need to keep them engaged.

We understand the struggle. Between having the tools to effectively manage performance, the communication needed to support development, the actual training content, and an affordable platform to house it all, providing employees with robust performance development opportunities may seem unachievable. But with fewer employees, the impact each individual has on the organization is greater, so shouldn’t their development be a top investment priority?

We believe every business, no matter the size, should have an equal opportunity to effectively manage and develop their people. Here’s how we’re providing smaller organizations with the armor they need to strengthen their teams and win the battle for talent.

We provide an affordable platform complete with the training content you actually need

Training is a vital investment for businesses not just because it engages employees, but because it mitigates risk and cost. Take, for example, an employee working in a small warehouse that hasn’t been properly trained in safe lifting techniques. After sustaining a back injury, the employee decides to file claim against the business which results in a pricey lawsuit.[x_pullquote type=”right”]Expectancy Learning has developed a course catalog of mobile-ready eLearning courses in a wide variety of content areas.[/x_pullquote]

Employees also need a convenient way access their training materials, which in this day and age means anywhere, and at any time. Being cloud-based software, Expectancy provides employees the ability to access content from any location, on any device.

We recognize that these training materials haven’t always been affordable for small businesses, which is why we offer our content in a pay-per-use model. This guarantees our customers pay only for what they need instead of paying for an extensive library of content they may not need or use.

Expectancy makes it easier to give employees regular feedback necessary for development

When concrete feedback is only given to employees once a year via an annual review, it’s easy to see how the opportunities for substantial improvement are limited. Given how important the productivity of employees is in small businesses, coaching and feedback need to happen on an ongoing basis. We understand that in order for feedback to be effective, it needs to be formalized. This is why Expectancy was built to provide short, customizable performance assessments for leaders to review employees on a more regular basis. These assessments provide performance snapshots-in-time that are then set against specific skills and competency models to give a more holistic employee evaluation. Expectancy then displays these assessments on a clean visual dashboard to inform more accurate developmental conversations.

Expectancy is also an internal communication platform

It’s common for people to learn a substantial amount from those around them, but this is especially prevalent in small businesses. Knowing this, it’s easy to see the value in capturing subject matter expertise and best practices, but a platform is needed to do it!

Expectancy was built with social learning capabilities so that no matter where employees are, they can log into their dashboard and find answers to questions, discuss processes, and find better solutions. This helps to unify organizations by making vital information available to everyone at all times.

Given everything that we’ve discussed, it’s hard to disagree that every business needs similar tools and capabilities to win the battle for talent and get the most out of their people. In most cases, cost and time prevent small businesses from getting the solutions they need, but this no longer needs to be the case!

If your business is ready to provide employees with the resources and learning opportunities they desire, contact us. If you’re still unsure, learn more about Expectancy’s capabilities and ask us for a comprehensive list of our training content!

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