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Why Nonprofits Should Prioritize Employee Development Plans

Employee development plans aren’t just important in the for-profit sector. Although they are less common in the nonprofit sector, nonprofit organizations and their employees can greatly benefit from implementing development plans.

What are Employee Development Plans?

Employee development plans are customized learning and action paths that help employees improve their skillsets and achieve goals specific to the individual, as well as the organization. They require an analysis of the current performance state as well as future objectives. Defining the employee’s role, performance expectations, and goals is a great starting point for creating an action plan for future growth.

So, How Could Nonprofits Benefit from Employee Development Plans?

Employee development plans can help better align employee career goals to the goals or mission of the organization. It is important that an employee’s vision for advancement fits into the vision of the organization. Having candid conversations with employees about their personal and career aspirations, along with proper training on the organization’s vision and goals, will help align the two. Once aligned, these plans will give the employee a clear sense of what it will take to reach their career aspirations. This instills a sense of purpose for the employee, motivating them to bring their best self to work.

Having consistent feedback and check-ins regarding and employee development plans, employees will be better equipped to improve their performance and reach organizational goals. Frequent feedback increases productivity, as well as boosts morale and trust within the organization.

By investing in employee growth, you are more likely to attract and retain top talent. Implementing employee development plans emphasizes that the organization values each employee for their own unique skills and talents. We know that no two employees are alike. Therefore, personalized plans can help each employee feel as if their unique talents are valued.

Employee development plans can greatly benefit career goal alignment, talent attraction and retention, employee purpose, and performance. Whether you are a nonprofit or a for-profit organization, finding a platform that helps automate the development planning process will make implementation much easier. Expectancy Learning can help!

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