Moving to Modern Learning Requires the Right Technology

Employers continue to explore various ways of leveraging technology to train and develop their people. Implementing a microlearning, or bite-sized chunk learning, strategy into their training programs is a commonly discussed option.

By breaking up the training process into smaller, more consumable lessons, employees are being engaged with learning material on a much more regular basis. This style of learning also gives learners the freedom to navigate through training at their own pace and convenience. While the benefits are obvious, there are some key things to keep in mind when thinking about implementing these programs.

The Platform is King

We live in a time where almost everyone has access to a desktop, laptop, tablet, or cell phone and this has changed the way people prefer to consume information. In order to deliver effective microlearning, employers need to use the right technology. This means finding learning technology that is compatible with the tools users can access anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

In this day and age, it may seem like all LMS’s would be mobile friendly, but the reality is that many systems are still built solely for traditional use, and many who have mobile capabilities want to charge you additional fees for them. Companies stuck using these outdated systems are unable to engage users in training anywhere outside of their cubicles.

The Content is also King

What’s equally important and often forgotten about is that the content must also be optimized for mobile devices just as well as it is for the desktop. This means that the system and courses support a responsive web design, making lessons easy to navigate without having to constantly scroll and resize the page. Regardless of the way users access their content, they should experience the same quality experience on any device.

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