Keys to Helping Your Employees Fight the Summertime Productivity Slump

Summer is here and vacation season is in full swing! If your employees aren’t spending some time out of the office with a beer in hand and their toes in the sand, they’re probably daydreaming about it. So what does this mean for business? For many organizations, keeping employee productivity up will be a challenge.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Here are three keys for leaders looking to help their employees avoid the summertime productivity slump:

1)    Encourage a Focus on Learning

Professional development should be a year-long priority, but slower summer days serve as the perfect opportunity for employees to spend additional time learning. Not only should the skills and competencies associated with current roles be refined, those associated with future roles should also be a focus. Organizations that make learning a priority are shown to have higher employee engagement and retention!

2)   Support Explorational Conversations

By starting and encouraging explorational conversations, employees are more likely to share thoughts and feelings, take risks, and continuously find better solutions to problems. The best way to include everyone in a discussion is to post questions and encourage engagement in a forum that everyone can access. This allows for the conversations to be documented for employees to reference in the future. Good conversation starter topics include best-practices, new ideas, and even common challenges.

3)   Give Feedback Regularly

To keep feedback consistent throughout the summer, leaders should schedule regular meetings for developmental conversations. In order to get the most out of these conversations, leaders should also have a thorough understanding of the employee’s current performance and their plan for development. Giving employees a pat on the back when they deserve it and a little extra direction when they need it keeps them motivated and encouraged.

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