Development Planning & Tracking: Feedback for Real Results

As we discussed in our last blog, Reinventing Performance Management is an important step in helping companies achieve sustainable success. But how do you transfer the information learned in that step of the talent development cycle to the next in order to truly make an impact on employee’s performance? By linking it to a development plan.

The feedback gathered and observations made through performance management inform a new development plan that works to strengthen the opportunities for growth within every employee. By measuring and tracking progress against a development plan, leaders are able to better assign content, special projects, and coordinate learning experiences that specifically fit each individual and their job role.

So how can the right software platform help to bridge the gap between performance management and individual development planning and tracking?

Feedback becomes a visible asset, used to drive development

Expectancy Learning gives companies a formal platform for feedback and coaching that is visible to individuals and their leaders. Not only does this prompt leader to give continual feedback, it takes pie-in-the-sky visions for improvement and puts them into real plans-of-action. Unlike the dreaded annual review, continuous feedback identifies areas of strength and opportunities for growth while measuring progress, eliminating the feeling of being “in the dark” that many employees likely have.

Simplifies how leaders assign opportunities for development

Having the right content available to support development is King. The wrong training and experiences can become disengaging and useless when the learner doesn’t feel like the material applies to their specific role or developmental needs. Expectancy simplifies this by providing access to employee skill sets, pin pointing areas for development, and providing learners with content that specifically addresses those issues.

Creates a timeline to accurately track progress

By systematically tracking employee performance and progress based on individual development and leader evaluation, Expectancy Learning itself assigns relevant learning content to users. In addition to providing content, the system takes snapshots in time of employee growth, giving leaders the ability to track progress over a long period of time.

Expectancy recognized that true employee development could not be supported without a system to effectively measure progress, identify areas of weakness, and automatically support both with the right and most relevant content. By recommending learning opportunities to support their ongoing development, Expectancy eases the burden of leaders to find training materials while allowing both leaders and employees access to feedback and learning anywhere at any time!


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