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2019 Learning Trends – Our Take

As we start the new year, we take the time to reflect on the learning industry, and how we can best support organizations in their training and development initiatives. Currently, we see a wave of 2019 learning trends and predictions taking over popular industry sites. We notice that many of these articles are mentioning learning trends that realistically, are only beneficial to 1% of organizations. Below we give you our take on what the majority of organizations should be focusing on in 2019!

‘Learning Trends’ Organizations Should Be Focusing On in 2019

As the new year begins, we think it is important to take a step back to consider and maybe reconsider, your learning strategy. We think this should be a top trend in the industry itself! From our experience, often organizations do not have a comprehensive and intentional strategy around their development programs. We hope that going through these questions will help your organization rethink and cultivate an intentional training strategy.

1.What are the primary goals of the business in the next 1 – 3 years?

2. What job roles are most critical to achieving those goals

3. How do those roles need to perform differently in order to achieve the desired results

4. What does HR need to do in the following areas in order to drive the needed performance in those roles?

a. Skill development and knowledge acquisition

b. Defining, communicating, managing, and measuring performance

c. Talent acquisition / retention

5. What tools and resources need to be in place to efficiently and effectively execute a, b, and c above.

6. What are the barriers to success (environment, structure, tools, process, etc.)

7. What is a reasonable timeframe to implement solutions based on the budget and resources available to HR?

We see strategy as being one of the most important and effective ‘learning trends’ for 2019. Once you have answered these questions with your development team, you can finally start to think about what technology and content will be necessary for your strategy to come to life. We suggest you look for a platform that is fully customizable, so that you’re not forced to compromise! Check out our latest blogs for more information on evaluating your training and development needs, and the LMS market. 

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