HRIS, LMS, LXP, Performance Management Systems, Third Party Content Providers: Expectancy was designed to help large enterprises connect and even eliminate many of these legacy types of systems. We connect all of your talent related data and provide you with analytics and key insights that drive results while saving time and money.

Skill and Competency Mapping

Expectancy’s competency based performance management and development planning capabilities connect on the job performance, coaching and feedback, and learning to drive desired behavior and results. All while ensuring that performance expectations are aligned across job roles regardless of location.

skills and competency mapping
social and learning mentoring

Social Learning and Mentoring Platform

Peer-to-peer learning is inherent in every organization. Expectancy provides a single platform to access the native knowledge across your enterprise while capturing this important information for everyone to benefit from.

Performance Dashboard and Analytics

Having access to a new world of data is only useful if it’s easy to read and intuitive to understand. Expectancy aggregates and connects data across learning and development and performance management and presents it in a meaningful way to support data driven decision making and investment.

advanced xapi

Advanced xAPI LMS

At it’s core Expectancy is a state of the art xAPI based LMS. Not only are we gathering information about course completions and scores, we are gathering data and analytics around content utilization, preferences, and effectiveness to help you invest in the learning content that engages your workforce.

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