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Enhance Your Organizational Learning Strategy with Gamification

Gamification continues to be a hot topic in the learning industry. It can transform boring, mundane courses into a fun, competitive and enjoyable experience for learners. If you are struggling to engage learners in your training material, you might want to consider implementing a gamified learning strategy into your LMS.  What is Gamification? Before we start, we want […]

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The Risks of Employee Compliance Violations

Compliance is the process of making sure the employees at your organization are trained on the policies, standards, state and federal laws that apply to the business. Employee compliance violations can take a serious toll on your organization. In this blog, we will discuss the risks of non-compliance and how your organization can work to minimize these risks with comprehensive training […]

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Onboarding remote workers

Onboarding Remote Workers

Remote working is on the rise. In fact, analysts are predicting that 50% of the workplace will be working remotely by 2020. It’s not that surprising when you take the benefits into consideration. Remote working eliminates commuting time and geographical constraints, minimizes stress and overhead costs, positively impacts the environment and work-life balance. Although there […]

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