Soft skills

Organizations are facing a growing soft skills gap. Educational institutions and employers are placing a greater emphasis on technical skills than ever before, causing soft-skill development to fall behind. In our last article, we discussed the need for soft skills training in the workplace. Today, we want to dive a little deeper into what this training might include, and how to best administer it.   […]

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Soft Skills

The Skills Gap – Why Soft Skills Training Should Be a Priority

Today, emerging young professionals are experiencing increased pressure to develop and master their technical skillsets. Technical skills are also referred to as “hard skills.” They are specific, job-related skills that can easily be defined, taught, and measured. Unlike hard skills, soft skills are harder to define, quantify and teach. They include skills like time-management, communication, leadership, adaptability, […]

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microlearning, learning strategy, information overload

Information Overload? Try Microlearning. 

We live in a time and age of information overload. Information comes at us through a variety of channels – email, social accounts, television, meetings, etc. Sorting through this abundance of information can be tough when such a large portion of it is irrelevant. Remembering everything you have read, heard or seen is even harder. As humans, we have a limited capacity […]

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Onboarding remote workers

Onboarding Remote Workers

Remote working is on the rise. In fact, analysts are predicting that 50% of the workplace will be working remotely by 2020. It’s not that surprising when you take the benefits into consideration. Remote working eliminates commuting time and geographical constraints, minimizes stress and overhead costs, positively impacts the environment and work-life balance. Although there […]

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Performance Reviews, Frequent Feedback, Frequent Check-ins

A Shift Towards More Frequent Performance Reviews

Employees (and frankly most leaders) dread annual performance reviews. Since they have historically placed a heavy emphasis on financial rewards, they cause stress and anxiety to employees, decreasing productivity. A study conducted by Deloitte revealed that 58% of executives believe that their current performance management approach neither drives employee engagement nor higher performance. Today, more […]

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Blended learning, online learning, instructor-led

Blending Online Learning with Instructor-Led Training

As we dive into the new year, learning and development professionals can’t help but wonder about the future of our industry. Although instructor-led training (ILT) still is core to many organization’s development programs, some wonder if in-person training will become a thing of the past. With advancements in modern organizational learning technology, we can actually […]

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Employee Lifecycle

Connecting the Employee Lifecycle

The employee lifecycle includes the stages where organizations can intervene to impact the employee experience. Some organizations don’t have a clear definition of what happens between onboarding and departing. We believe in defining the stages of the employee lifecycle and connecting each stage. Defining the Employee Lifecycle We define the employee lifecycle as consisting of […]

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Learning Trends - Development Strategy

2019 Learning Trends – Our Take

As we start the new year, we take the time to reflect on the learning industry, and how we can best support organizations in their training and development initiatives. Currently, we see a wave of 2019 learning trends and predictions taking over popular industry sites. We notice that many of these articles are mentioning learning […]

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Training and Development Platform

What To Look For In Your Next Training and Development Partnership

When evaluating what training and development platform to implement in your organization, it is important to think about what kind of people you want to work with. New clients often tell us about the past frustrations they have had implementing training and development platforms. They tell us about their difficulties communicating with the developers and […]

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