Expectancy Learning is a cloud based mobile enabled talent management and development platform that fully integrates training, development planning, and performance management to produce business intelligence that drives strategic human capital management. By working with us, your organization will be able to uncover your employees’ victories, as well as possible areas of improvement—in ways you never would have imagined possible. We help clients at every stage of talent development find new ways to win. Partnering with Expectancy Learning means having an invested ally along with you through every stage of your company’s growth.

Small and Mid Size Business LMS Solutions

We offer unique opportunities for small to mid-size businesses that simply weren’t possible in the past. By offering a full suite of off the shelf learning courses, Expectancy can help your business see all the benefits of a dedicated LMS without any of the costs associated with a custom system—while still maintaining all of the employee data tracking your organization needs to succeed.  

Enterprise LMS and LXP Solutions

You’re an industry leader for a reason, and with Expectancy the best is yet to come. By partnering with Expectancy, you’ll have someone in your corner that can get deeper into the ins and outs of your organization than has ever been possible – in a platform designed from the ground up to provide exactly what you need to stay on top. 

What Is Soft Skills Training?

Organizations are facing a growing soft skills gap. Educational institutions and employers are placing a greater emphasis on technical skills than ever before, causing soft-skill development to fall behind. In our last article, we discussed the need for soft skills training in the workplace. Today, we want to dive a little deeper into what this training might include,…

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The Skills Gap – Why Soft Skills Training Should Be a Priority

Today, emerging young professionals are experiencing increased pressure to develop and master their technical skillsets. Technical skills are also referred to as “hard skills.” They are specific, job-related skills that can easily be defined, taught, and measured. Unlike hard skills, soft skills are harder to define, quantify and teach. They include skills like time-management, communication, leadership, adaptability,…

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